Apr 17, 2015

Spring Break means no babysitter

I have no idea how other working at home mothers do. How do I go to my studio and leave my son playing where I can't keep an eye on him and if he comes down to my studio it is impossible to keep a good rythm of work specially when you are working with delicate pieces or time consuming tasks. 

Oh well, everything has a solution and since I still need to grow the cabinet knobs inventory I moved few tools and materials to my dinning room table, it works for now! 

And the results of enjoying the beautiful view are Spring inspired knobs, on the picture bellow are still raw and without retouch but you can see how beautiful are coming up. 

This is how they look when they are glazed and installed, I have them all over my house, I mix match them to keep it interesting. 

They are available in my Etsy store, you don't need to change all your knobs to make an impact, give it a try. 

Jul 15, 2014

Building a New Studio

The long wait is almost over, it has been about year and a half since we decided to build our dream home and a dream studio coming along with it. This image is from last summer when the foundation was done and the cement floor getting ready.
Now the house is being finished inside while the outside is almost done! I call this house my husband's masterpiece, he is building it with so much love and attention to details; he is a framer, I wouldn't expect less coming from him. 

 This is the reason I haven't been able to focus on my business as it should be, but i still have my projects going on. Galleries had contacted me for solo shows and I had selected some shows I can manage for this season without making me lose sleep. I also in the process of a big change on my work, actually inspired on what i'm doing for my own house, I'll tell you later about it, for now, I'm happy to have the energy to focus on priorities and keeping myself active and healthy. 

Nov 1, 2013

Jul 29, 2013

Back to Live Video/Chat

It had been a while since my all routine of live video while working. I stopped because I wanted some privacy for breastfeeding LOL now that those days are way gone and my working schedule a little more regular, I think a once or twice at week live video/chat would be fun.

A big change from then is that now the chat will come with advertising arghh but they are short, after few seconds you'll be able to take a pick of me working.

For the first-timers, don't hesitate to type any questions, I regularly check the chat and reply with my voice or by typing if you can hear me.

The box will be always available on the right column of my blog and this is a link for this post.

Days will be as Summer time: Thursdays and Fridays 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Eastern Time. Keep checking if you don't see me online, I might be either in a break or doing some errands. I'm looking forward to chat with you.