Feb 21, 2016

On my table

A bird made of white clay. He is still drying and waiting for the first firing, the gray will become white, great background for the colors I have on mind.
Sometimes you have to make things before just verbally explain what you can do, that's what my intent is with this piece. I worked on a mosaic project with the artist Cindy Fisher, it was such a joy, after seeing her work I instantly thought my work will look good together with hers. I created a little flower for her and she visualized what I was talking about then the dream became reality

The murals are on three floors of the Inova Children's Hospital in Virginia. Three themes were chosen, earth, water and air. 
The idea of making the bird is to show how the mural would look like if it was made fully out of clay. I'm excited to show you the final results. 

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