Apr 17, 2015

Spring Break means no babysitter

I have no idea how other working at home mothers do. How do I go to my studio and leave my son playing where I can't keep an eye on him and if he comes down to my studio it is impossible to keep a good rythm of work specially when you are working with delicate pieces or time consuming tasks. 

Oh well, everything has a solution and since I still need to grow the cabinet knobs inventory I moved few tools and materials to my dinning room table, it works for now! 

And the results of enjoying the beautiful view are Spring inspired knobs, on the picture bellow are still raw and without retouch but you can see how beautiful are coming up. 

This is how they look when they are glazed and installed, I have them all over my house, I mix match them to keep it interesting. 

They are available in my Etsy store, you don't need to change all your knobs to make an impact, give it a try. 

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