Jul 15, 2014

Building a New Studio

The long wait is almost over, it has been about year and a half since we decided to build our dream home and a dream studio coming along with it. This image is from last summer when the foundation was done and the cement floor getting ready.
Now the house is being finished inside while the outside is almost done! I call this house my husband's masterpiece, he is building it with so much love and attention to details; he is a framer, I wouldn't expect less coming from him. 

 This is the reason I haven't been able to focus on my business as it should be, but i still have my projects going on. Galleries had contacted me for solo shows and I had selected some shows I can manage for this season without making me lose sleep. I also in the process of a big change on my work, actually inspired on what i'm doing for my own house, I'll tell you later about it, for now, I'm happy to have the energy to focus on priorities and keeping myself active and healthy. 

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