Apr 9, 2013

Embrace, Embrace The Cracks

What do you do when things don't come up as you expected? This is a though situation specially when you already had put some much work on something.
I call this piece, Embrace, because it made me gone through so much pain, disappointment, desperation, then a glorious joy I can't describe.

On my last post you see it raw, still drying out. Let me tell you what happened... it CRAKED!* all over the place and my biggest shock was that i was using the best clay composition to avoid cracks and much shrinkage; it didn't happen.

  • Pain: It hurt my skills and knowledge 
  • Disappointment: I don't like this clay anymore, bag gone to the trash right now
  • Desperation: What do I do now? Destroy it? I can't do that, it's mine I made it, but what to do? 
  • Joy: Just happened after a long research, meditation and letting things go. 
*I decided to embrace the cracks instead of fighting them so many times.

There are the first pictures, I still need to mount it on wood for display.

Embrace 2013® Sikiu Perez. Terracotta 16"x16"

One of the most painful cracks I decided to highlight

Thickness is diverse here

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