Feb 28, 2013

Broken Inspiration

It's not what you think, there wasn't any disturbance or creative block; it was a real inspiration, from a broken object: my iPhone.
This morning I finally had so much time and a ready-to-work table that I started two medium wall pieces. As always started with a blank slab and loud music on the background then I looked my broken phone and said, why not? instead of hiding, crying over it, or worse of it buying a new one I better embrace the broken lines on my work and get over with. That's a great therapy, don't you think?
 The cuts are made and now waiting for a leather hard dry to start carving and decorating a little more. It has been a while since I don't work on this format, I'm excited and can't wait to show you the final results.

 That's my old phone next to the tools I used most for this pair of pieces, ouch!

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