Oct 9, 2012

Mommy Managing time while working with clay

Alright your kid is constantly pulling your arm, and you want to be making art. How do you deal with that? Think about what are the stages of your work and what can be done where. Some parts are really messy or require a big space, I let those for uninterrupted days. For small tasks that can be moved around without a huge problem., this is what I'm doing.

Take a small piece of wood, like a 8x10 or enough to fit on your lap, bring 2 bags, one for clay residue and the other with enough clay for the job, a handful of tools and a bottle of water.

I moved few times, from the sofa to the kitchen table and my computer desk bit I got couple of pieces almost done and they are looking pretty good.

While all this process I was feeding my kid, changing diapers, making breakfast and playing with toys and of course always keeping an eye on him.

Oct 5, 2012

Firing terracotta bisque

It's important to make sure all the humidity is out the raw pieces to be fired. Right now I just turned the kiln on and I'm waiting the temperature to reach 200 degrees so all the extra water retained will leave through the pin holes and the vent. Then put the plugs for a nice seal and wait until reaches 1945 F in the next 8 hrs.

Oct 1, 2012

Hump Mold use

Hi there!
I'm trying out my hump molds for the first time today. I made a few of them last week, and after hours of drying, cleaning them and drying them again, they are ready to use.
Meanwhile I keep working on the mini trays I already started few weeks ago and even though I don't have them for sale yet I had had some orders. My plan was to make them for fun, gifts and use, honestly the last thing was the thought of selling them. Oh well, if you really like them, why not?