Mar 8, 2012

Sculpting a Standing Bird Demo

This is a work in progress for the first stage of making a standing bird on terracotta.

1. Prepared the base and holding support. Clay wouldn't hold itself on this case so a little help is needed. I used a styrofoam ball and wrapped it up with a wet rag. My support has 2 prongs, that's an idea I got from a book, it works so much better that way.

2. Wrapped the ball with clay and made the legs. Oh, Oh!, they are too long, unless I'm making a flamingo which is not the case this time.

 3. I modified the structure and shortened the legs, way better now. The head takes place.

4. The fun part starts, making feathers, swirls and details that will give character to the bird. I'm working so fast here to keep the same clay humidity.

5. Waiting for leather hard stage so I can cut open the piece to take his insides out and glue it back. Sorry no pictures from that stage, It was nerve racking and both hand were needed all the time.

6. The legs weren't dry enough to hold he weight so I decided to put it back to the structure and wait a little longer. I covered the parts that could dry up quicker to prevent uneven drying.

 7. Finally standing alone, now I'll wait for the perfect time to start carving the other details.

I hope you enjoyed this part of the process. I'll posting the rest soon.

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