Nov 27, 2012

New Wall Pieces in Small Scale, best solution

After giving a lot of thought and trying to find a balance between work and motherhood I found out that I can't fight clay nor a demanding kid so the best option is to work in a more manageable scale that lets me to control drying time, handling, firing and finishing in shorter time segments. I know people like my birds and so am I but little by little I found more pleasure making this type of work, a more conceptual way of expression. 
This cubic tile fits on my hand as well as on my heart, I hope you like it and enjoy the upcoming pieces.  
2012 ® Sikiu Perez. A piece of the Temple. Glazed terra-cotta. 

Oct 9, 2012

Mommy Managing time while working with clay

Alright your kid is constantly pulling your arm, and you want to be making art. How do you deal with that? Think about what are the stages of your work and what can be done where. Some parts are really messy or require a big space, I let those for uninterrupted days. For small tasks that can be moved around without a huge problem., this is what I'm doing.

Take a small piece of wood, like a 8x10 or enough to fit on your lap, bring 2 bags, one for clay residue and the other with enough clay for the job, a handful of tools and a bottle of water.

I moved few times, from the sofa to the kitchen table and my computer desk bit I got couple of pieces almost done and they are looking pretty good.

While all this process I was feeding my kid, changing diapers, making breakfast and playing with toys and of course always keeping an eye on him.

Oct 5, 2012

Firing terracotta bisque

It's important to make sure all the humidity is out the raw pieces to be fired. Right now I just turned the kiln on and I'm waiting the temperature to reach 200 degrees so all the extra water retained will leave through the pin holes and the vent. Then put the plugs for a nice seal and wait until reaches 1945 F in the next 8 hrs.

Oct 1, 2012

Hump Mold use

Hi there!
I'm trying out my hump molds for the first time today. I made a few of them last week, and after hours of drying, cleaning them and drying them again, they are ready to use.
Meanwhile I keep working on the mini trays I already started few weeks ago and even though I don't have them for sale yet I had had some orders. My plan was to make them for fun, gifts and use, honestly the last thing was the thought of selling them. Oh well, if you really like them, why not?

Sep 30, 2012

New Posting, Old Blog, brand new Sikiu

I did what it needed to get done. I'm keeping this blog and the idea of moving it faded away. To make it nice, easy to read and more inviting, I did a big clean up, exactly as I cleaned up my studio. I disposed old boring stuff, found new use of things and put away few things for later--very few though because I don't want to go back to clutter ever again.

From the changes you can see:
1. New fresh white simple template that matches my website.
2. New upcoming content, all about studio life and my creative process.
3. Possibly video chat. I have to test my broadband first.
4. A different body of work, I can't wait to share.
5. And more info about art shows, reviews, mini demos and tips.

I hope to see you soon!

Apr 14, 2012

The Bird is done

I really liked how it came out the kiln. This bird will be part of my sculptural birds, the challenge of making it standing was really rewarding. I submitted it for a show, so for now I'll only show you a little part of him. 
Meanwhile I'll keep loading the kiln with more tiles and jewelry pieces. Even though switching from big to small can drive you crazy I realized both are as much as productive costwise. 
If you know of any art show where my birds could be a good fit, let me know! I'm opt for show him to the world. 

Mar 8, 2012

Sculpting a Standing Bird Demo

This is a work in progress for the first stage of making a standing bird on terracotta.

1. Prepared the base and holding support. Clay wouldn't hold itself on this case so a little help is needed. I used a styrofoam ball and wrapped it up with a wet rag. My support has 2 prongs, that's an idea I got from a book, it works so much better that way.

2. Wrapped the ball with clay and made the legs. Oh, Oh!, they are too long, unless I'm making a flamingo which is not the case this time.

 3. I modified the structure and shortened the legs, way better now. The head takes place.

4. The fun part starts, making feathers, swirls and details that will give character to the bird. I'm working so fast here to keep the same clay humidity.

5. Waiting for leather hard stage so I can cut open the piece to take his insides out and glue it back. Sorry no pictures from that stage, It was nerve racking and both hand were needed all the time.

6. The legs weren't dry enough to hold he weight so I decided to put it back to the structure and wait a little longer. I covered the parts that could dry up quicker to prevent uneven drying.

 7. Finally standing alone, now I'll wait for the perfect time to start carving the other details.

I hope you enjoyed this part of the process. I'll posting the rest soon.