Aug 28, 2010

Gone shopping

I do all my shopping online, even my groceries, now I'm trying to find some supplies but the page is not opening, maybe it's a sign saying Don't do it! but I really want those kiln bead racks, new glazes and professional brushes. Do you see? I'm not talking about shoes and make up.
By the way, I wonder why my updates here aren't going to my Facebook fan page hmmm I need to fix this issue soon.


Escritora por inspiraciĆ³n said...

Hello, it´s very beautiful your work, i like it very much. I also try to do ceramic figures, i love it.
You can see them in my blog. I'm very interested in your opinion because you work with clay too. You are really an artist.

Greetings from spain

sikiu perez said...

Gracias por visitar, ya estare visitando tu blog.