Aug 28, 2010

Gone shopping

I do all my shopping online, even my groceries, now I'm trying to find some supplies but the page is not opening, maybe it's a sign saying Don't do it! but I really want those kiln bead racks, new glazes and professional brushes. Do you see? I'm not talking about shoes and make up.
By the way, I wonder why my updates here aren't going to my Facebook fan page hmmm I need to fix this issue soon.

Aug 6, 2010

Dear Blog I haven't forgotten you

It seems I'll posting every other month when used to be every other day! I definitely have a lot to share but my hands are always busy with something. I wish my words just type direct from my thoughts. We are still in 2010, maybe Apple will make an application someday LOL.
Art-wise I'm making some beads in glazed terra-cotta, maybe a big production will make me rich, or maybe not but at least my fingers are waking up from the carpal tunnel and my brain from a dormant stage.
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This is my logo, finally decently made in Photoshop. I made it during class and now I'm working on my husband's for his web site and prints. You see? I haven't been totally inactive, just busy of being a mom.