Jan 27, 2010

I don't know how to sew

Can you believe that?. When I was a kid, I learned embroidery, needling, macrame, etc but I was never able to sew correctly. I've been thinking about this big roll of metallic grey fabric I have, and many little ceramic pieces that needed something extra for presentation, so I thought about a bag for them. I think my customers will appreciate a little bag with my logo and their order inside. But the problem is that I didn't know how to sew them. The solution was: Hot glue! it worked perfect, it looks good, sturdy and it's cost effective.


Unknown said...

Oh wow, I wish I could sew. You've made some beautiful things!

Corina S. Alvarezdelugo said...

What a wonderful idea!!! Your bags are great and I'm sure your clients will appreciate them!!!
I have tagged you, come to my blog to read about it...and continue the trend tagging someone else...