Sep 9, 2009

Testing 1, 2, 3

Sorry you might see this message everywhere now. I connected my Facebook fan page with my profile, then twitter and my blog, but I overlooked there were other settings already working. I appologize for the clutter; I'll work on fixing it soon.
Meanwhile let me give you some updates:
  • I'm a happy Mac owner, I love this computer, the screen and way it works is awesome.
  • My art work is still going on, currently exhibiting in Expressiones in New London, CT
  • There is one more semester ahead to finish my Computer Applications Certificate
  • I just taught a class about blogging and my students were happy of their new blog and achivements
  • Sage Green is my new favorite color
  • My camera broke down and I had to run and buy a new one, I'm still learning how to use it
I have more to share but, this is only a test ;)

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