Sep 22, 2009

My Birthday in many languages

Yesterday we celebrated my birthday in a very special way. It was a coincidence my friends had one of their usual get together party, on the end we were about 35 people from different countries, what a wonderful mix of cultures and languages. We all had so much fun, eating, drinking, dancing. Oh dear, we were loud, good thing the hosting couple don't have neighbors. 
Have you ever heard the birthday song in: Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Polish, Japanese, Russian, Korean, Thai?, and the best of all, the one from a little girl in a solo, I loved it! Thank you all.

Sep 9, 2009

Testing 1, 2, 3

Sorry you might see this message everywhere now. I connected my Facebook fan page with my profile, then twitter and my blog, but I overlooked there were other settings already working. I appologize for the clutter; I'll work on fixing it soon.
Meanwhile let me give you some updates:
  • I'm a happy Mac owner, I love this computer, the screen and way it works is awesome.
  • My art work is still going on, currently exhibiting in Expressiones in New London, CT
  • There is one more semester ahead to finish my Computer Applications Certificate
  • I just taught a class about blogging and my students were happy of their new blog and achivements
  • Sage Green is my new favorite color
  • My camera broke down and I had to run and buy a new one, I'm still learning how to use it
I have more to share but, this is only a test ;)