Jul 3, 2009

I need a website

I can't wait any longer... I suppose to know all the coding, making, designing by now but my classes delayed for one semester. What do I do? I want something for now, let's say for the next 6 months, then I can go and build my own from scratch or at least be knowledgeable enough to pick a good service. I don't like the freebies with a lot of ads, it too busy and cheap.


Lindsayanng said...

I do web design and I'm in Connnecticut.. If you want a cheap website with little to know coding knowledge I suggest you purchase a hosting account.. Now, be careful because there are scammers out there. I actually have a newbies web design blog and I explain how to choose a hosting account here:

then, if you choose hostmonster (http://hostmonster.com/track/lindsayanng/blog) all you will have to do once you sign up is click the SIMPLE SCRIPTS and install wordpress in one click.. ITS AWESOME

Wordpress is the most flexible content management system. You can do ANYTHING with it! You can make it look like a blog, or look like a regular hand coded website.. and theres a million premade templates that you can use..

If you need help, email me -i'd be happy to help you out. lindsay (at) webdesignforidiots.net

sikiu perez said...

Oh thank you so much. I'll definitely try your idea. I have been aware of wordpress but never experiment with it.
I'll let you know my advances.