Jun 21, 2009

New visions

This blog has been a release for me, I used to post frequently about my day to day as an artist, described my process, shared thoughts and laugh with you guys. Right now my schedule changed tremendously and to schedule a video chat is very difficult to plan, I work while I am doing other things, as people say women are good multitasking. All this new way of creating art is giving me new way to express and that is what I wanted to share today. She is the first sculpture of this kind, let's see what I do next. I'm thinking on picking only one day at week to post, maybe Sundays will be the best.
Should I post about Father's Day? well... my dad is the most influential image I have since I was a kid, thanks to him I learned how to communicate through art. I'm a daddy's girl and always be, he is absolutely proud I take art as the fuel of my life. I love you papi and thank you for all your lessons, your caring and all the kisses.

Jun 10, 2009

Only latinas

I just finished installing a group exhibition for this Friday. We are a group of latin women artists ando for the first time we are going to show together. Three of us are venezuelan, our art is very different but we have so many things in common, the love for the material, colors, textures and our culture. Are you wondering what am I talking about? well you have to see it with your own eyes.

Jun 4, 2009

Two more Art Shows

Wow I can't believe I would be this busy by this time of the year. I have two exhibitions is a row, one is actually this weekend at the Barnum Museum in Bridgeport and the other in New Haven Connecticut.
I wanted to take more time to finish designing my webpage but I better take care of business and interact with people, I need my doses of art, talk in person with art lovers and forget the virtual world for a moment. I thought about doing less art but that is not possible so the sacrifices would be maybe sleeping time and day dreaming.