Mar 31, 2009

Sikiu Miller

I'm back! my wedding was beautiful, can't be better, thanks God everything came out perfect. We just arrived last Saturday and now trying to settle again, I'm back to cooking, studying, working, managing and of course keeping in touch with my friends and family so please be patience, there is a lot to get done before I return to my "normal" routine...
I couldn't resize the pictures so I'll post just a few for now, enjoy.


Miguel Pola said...

congratulations Sikiu!!!!!!!!! Wishing the two of you health, Love and Happiness!!!!! Que Dios Te Bendiga!!!!!!

Sikiu Perez said...

Thank you Miguel! I'm still walking on clouds :)
Un abrazo y Amen.

Chris.P said...

Congrats Sikiu!

You looked beautiful, (from what I could see through the tears of emotion in my eyes);¬)

...what do you mean you can never take me seriously? :¬)

I'm serious...although maybe not the bit about the tears:¬)