Feb 12, 2009

Slater Museum

I have been accepted in a Juried Exhibition at Slater Memorial Museum. I am thrilled, amazed, walking on clouds and still can't believe my luck. I'm pretty confident of my work but there it was a lot of competition, all the other pieces were simply amazing, for me being the new kid on the block made me feel concern about being accepted for the exhibition then I got the acceptance mail yesterday and have been jumping since then.

The reception will be held on Sunday Feb 22 from 1-3 PM and the exhibition will be open to public until April 2

If you are a museum lover you can't miss a visit to Slater, it is absolutely gorgeous, my daughter is so lucky to study at NFA having this museum as part of the school.


Corina.- said...

Que chevere amiga!!! De verdad que te felicito!!! Sigue asi!! No creo que pueda ir al opening pero voy a tratar de ir a ver tu expo. Te aviso.
Muchos exitos!!!

Chris.P said...

That's great news Sikiu. You deserve the accolade, welldone!


Sikiu Perez said...

Thank you guys! I can't wait for the opening.

CreativewithClay: Charan Sachar said...

This is such a beautiful piece. Congrats!

Gloria said...


Please tell us what happen!!!!! this piece it's amazing!

I know you are so busy making plans for your wedding.. everything it's going to be perfect!''
That I am 100% sure..

I can wait to see the images of your wedding ..


Sikiu Perez said...

Hello Gloria, todo bien por ahora, no tengo mucho tiempo para escribir pero gracias por acordarte.
I will post pictures of my wedding for sure. I can't wait!!!