Dec 26, 2008

X-mas is gone!

I said it feeling a release :) I loved this Christmas my new family is so nice and fun to be around, I cried, laughed, danced and ate a lot! we hosted the Christmas Eve Dinner and cooked some latino dishes for them, overall we had a good time I just miss my parents and friends in Venezuela :( but they where on the phone for a little while sending us their love.
I'm sorry for not sending you Holiday Cards, this end of the year has been extremely busy but there is still a little surprise coming up for those who are in my mailing list, I can't tell you more.

I won't for few days, hoping to make it before New Year, I have something to share.

Take Care

Aun estoy super ocupada pues estableciendo prioridades he tenido que dejar a un lado el mundo virtual, a todos aquellos que me han deseado Feliz Navidad no piensen que no he querido responderles, mis deseos son para todos y espero tener un chance de escribir antes que termine el 2008, tengo algo que compartir, no puedo decir mas por ahora.


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