Dec 15, 2008

My first sculpture

Last weekend I went to the Sculptors Society Annual Party, I enjoyed talking to fellow artist and sharing ideas, we were agreed of keeping and loving our first sculpture to either notice how good we are now or just giving us a nice memory.
I made this church (5"x6"x7") in terracotta when I was about 10-years-old it toke me a full week to finish it, I love churches I think they have a good energy and give you peace.

Quize compartir mi primera escultura, la realize cuando tenia mas o menos 10 anos y me tomo una semana terminarla. Es mi tesoro mas preciado.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sikiu, I love this church. I love looking at old things that I made when I was younger too. It brings back memeories of the way your thoughts worked back then and where your imagination was at. It also tells a lot about you as an artist. I still love this sculpture, and I believe I always will. It's Sikiu! ~ Daniela

Chris.P said...

Have a great Christmas Sikiu and a wonderfully happy 2009.