Dec 9, 2008

Without choices

Reading an article on Alyson Stanfield blog I have to say I am glad to know I don't have choices, art is my path and what I love to do, no matter how difficult and how exhausting the "other tasks" are.

I graduated in Advertising because my parents pushed me for a degree, I didn't want to be a teacher so why to bother to get a bachelor on fine arts? so I thought advertising has a little of art on it and pretty sure the career could advise me how to promote myself or other artists. I organized shows, art talk, workshops all related to art while in college just to keep me going on the field, the only period of time I stopped making art was in a bad period of my life, there were five (5) years very unstable moving very often, alone in this country with no money and a daughter growing up, I look back and I can't believe how much I achieved, learning a new language, starting over, getting to know people, learning to trust again. While my moving I had to choose what to take and what not and there were few times where I had to decided between shoes and art tools and let me tell you I preferred to be bare foot.

Now I have a studio, my walls can't hold more pieces, the attic looks like a warehouse and best of all, my loving fiance next to me, supporting me and reminding me I can't be something else but an artist :)

Escribi este articulo en ingles pero para quienes no entienden solo puedo decirles que escribi con un impulso momentaneo, tenia tiempo que no hablaba de mi, de la artista y de lo que he vivido en este pais, no deseo repetir lo que dije no por incomodidad sino por no caer en traducciones, solo puedo decir que estoy feliz de no tener mas opciones, de haber nacido artista y asi morire.

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Chris.P said...

That was a great post Sikiu...until you got all soppy talking about your fiance;¬)

Seriously though, thanks for the link to that interesting blog.