Nov 23, 2008

My old studio wall

Back in 2007 I posted a picture of my studio wall in Venezuela but I didn't say much about it. How I said before art is not art to me if it not shown to the world.
I made it with scratch glass and mirrors from windows shops and some others accidentally broken ;) there is so much work cutting, sanding the corners, gluing direct to the wall then covering with groat that toke me months of full hours; I remember Deborah playing around and to me making sure she is safe and entertained while I was working.

Nov 6, 2008

A good picture

Oh my gosh, my shoots aren't that good, well that is not my field though. I sent a little gift to Giovanni and I was so excited to see how my work will look through his lens and I have to tell you, HE IS AWESOME!
He is a talented photographer and graphic designer and of course a very good friend, I love his company in my chat and always happy to share time with him. Thank you for featuring me on you blog Gio :)
Take a look of his pics...

Te pasaste de bueno Giovanni, verguenza me da a mi ahora poner mis fotos aca :) admiro tu trabajo de verdad y es un honor para mi haberte conocido.

Nov 5, 2008

... and the translation is


Deep inside
Or high
Pyramidal ascension
I repeat my reflection
Only one
So many times silent
In front of the picture that’s in front of the picture that’s in front of the picture…
Obsessed with the hour that recurs
How many times do mirrors reiterate
The same blue hollowness that squares our echo
A celestial spiral flows
It’s the resonance of untamed threads
Assaulting the mirrors
Advising the stillness
That so much movement does not move us
That we are deep
If you look from above
Prodigious when looked from below
And that there’s a vacuum at the center of our dreams
When our sky won’t fit the frame
With the last glance
We don’t get to see.

This Poem was inspired by your Work

A poem inspired on my work

I opened my inbox this morning and read this beautiful surprise, somebody got inspired on one of my paintings and wrote a poem, I wish I can translated to English as good it is in Spanish.


Muy dentro
O arriba
Piramidal ascenso
Repito mis reflejos
Una sola
Tantas veces muda
ante el cuadro dentro del cuadro dentro del cuadro…
obseso de las horas repetidas
Cuántas veces reiteran los espejos
la misma oquedad azul que cuadra el eco
Célico espiral transcurre
Es la resonancia de una cabellera indómita
tomando al espejo por asalto
para advertir a la quietud
que no nos mueve tanto movimiento
que somos hondos
si miras desde afuera
ingentes si miras desde adentro
y que hay un vacío en medio de los sueños
cuando no cuadra el cielo
con la última mirada
que no nos devolvemos.

Este poema me lo acaba de sugerir tu obra.