Aug 28, 2008

99% done

I didn't sleep last night, I couldn't stop working on her and I'm still not done, I will incorporate some metal parts later.

Aug 27, 2008

My video is not working, but I have pictures

I'm hoping this is a temporary issue. Well I have to show you what I'm working on a bigger work 19"x36" mixed media (tiles, paint and who knows...)

Aug 26, 2008

Testing 1,2,3 on facebook

Yes, today I worked off line, I was getting ready to get dirty when I checked a post on Google Reader and I couldn't resist to try creating a page on Facebook about my art. It takes a lot of time and headaches to build all this online presence but in the end it pays itself, worth it? I think so.

Aug 24, 2008

This Week Schedule

Ok, I hope this this week will be a full working week, I have so much work pending and a large exhibition in October, oh girl you better get going :)

Aug 19, 2008

I am working today

My working table is a mess!!! I have a mission, get everything ready and make something pretty. I really need color in my day to day. Well you can watch me online cleaning out my work space and maybe painting.
There are some pieces firing today one of them Gloria's piece. I can't wait to have them on my hand and start the finishing process.

Aug 15, 2008

I quit!

Loading the broadcast has been a pain.... I can't concentrate of what I'm designing if this problem persist. No online video, no pictures, no happy at all.
My projects are:
  • A mayan papier Mache mask
  • A large (2'x4') painting
  • Handmade tiles for my bathroom
Yes, I'm working on all three at once, crazy? multitasking I would say :)

Aug 13, 2008

The Mask

Papier Mache is a easy, light, fun but not quick task. I'm working on my version of this mask I think it is a good alternative for recycling and transforming paper into art. This is going to be a mask for an Art Exhibition Installation.

Aug 12, 2008

Nice chatting

It was so fun today on my live video. I was working on a pappier mache mask while I talked with friends a relatives and some other quiet viewers, that's ok you don't have to talk.
There aren't pictures today, no much to see.

Aug 11, 2008

This Week Schedule

I don't have any idea how this week schedule is going to be... I have pieces firing (finally) personal projects pending (wedding) a lot of calls to make (everything) appointments to follow grrrr
I want to try one but only one day with a different show time like in the evening, I have to think about the best day/time and get family approval :)

Aug 4, 2008


I worked three birds today, one of them is Giovanni's gift, thank you for helping me with your talent on graphic design :)

This Week Schedule

It's time for raw clay and finally have the last production to fill the kiln and have a fire, it has been a while...
Today I'll working in little pieces one of them Giovanni's :)
This week will be regular schedule 10 AM to 4 PM Eastern Time. Wednesday I'll late and Friday Off.