Jun 9, 2008

This week is going to be slow...

Oh my... so many things going on this week for me, from dealing with my car insurance due to an accident ( I'm fine) , my citizenship ceremony and my daughter's graduation.
I won't be able to work today, Wednesday and only have day on Thursday. I might come back soon today but not sure about it.
Thank you Chris for join in as a viewer, I hope my American English with Latin accent is not too confusing for you :)
What I did yesterday wasn't a big deal but I'll post it for you guys.

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Chris.P said...

I feel privileged to be in your audience:¬) But I feel a bit guilty that you are doing all the work by speaking in English. I'll have to learn some Spanish:`) I did watch back your other video with the lamp and flowers and admired your skill.

Congratulations on your citizenship and your daughters graduation.

BTW You have a lovely voice.

See you some time.