Jun 2, 2008

Thanks to Rodolfo Arpia

He is not only a great photographer but a helping hand at the time you least expected. He helped me to ad the live video feature in my blog after I asked in the forum how he does it.

I want to show everybody how I work with ceramics, I love sharing my inspiration, techniques and being a good entertainment for somebody who is working all day in the computer.

All the art work created is for sale, I think anybody will enjoy to see how a piece of art is created; educating the customer helps to value art even more and it is nice to see works in progress, just before being ready.

Thank you again and I hope you can see the piece I'll create for you on video.


Anonymous said...

My pleasure... I'm connected, I want to see the masterpiece!!!


Anonymous said...

I want to see your demos!

I love your art.. you are so talented...