Jun 23, 2008

Painting tiles

This one is done but needs to be mounted, let's do it tomorrow

And this one not finished yet...

This is going to be a painting week, here is when I make the difference between other ceramists glazing their work, I think the clay work will loose detail and texture if I glaze it. I'll do some other techniques and of course will glaze some of them too.


Chris.P said...

Oh wow! Sikiu. That is beautiful work. I can't single anything out.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sikiu! I've been thinking about you today and stopped to check out what your creating today. Wow, I really love the first tile with the flowers and light. It is beautiful! You still amaze me! ~Melissa

sikiu perez said...

Thank you Melissa, I'm happy you are checking out what I'm doing. This week is going to be for finishing work so this is only the beginning :)
See you later.