Apr 2, 2008

Why do you want to know that?

Yesterday a friend asked me how long it takes me to finish a painting... I'm trying to be polite and don't say what I thought. Painting is NOT the last thing you do and you aren't earning hundreds of dollars in couple of hours, I think what you should ask to an artist is, How long does it takes you to get inspired? then we can talk!... it is a long process people don't realize, from sketching, preparing the surface, getting in the mood to making sure you are making a high quality work that will last long and appreciated for centuries.

It's interesting how people make their math in a wrong way just asking the price of the picture and how long it takes you to paint. I want to laugh but it won't be a good for marketing.

I finally finished a few paintings I want to post for sale but I'm in a big dilema of where! so I decided to hang some of them in my office so they can stear on me all day until It bothers me :) and of course it will be a good practice of holding not showing my dissapoinment when somebody asked how long it takes me to paint ;) Instead I will educate them with a little explanation.

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